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Who are we?

SingleBackers are a group of people that contribute to the creation and maintenance of tracks/trails/paths in and around Gaborone Botswana for the use of Mountain Bikers, Trail Runner, Hikers, Bird Spotters etc.

J's big damn rock - Gaborone Dam

What aren't we?

We are not a club, we don't have meetings and there are no minutes or  financials to review. You will not be expected to come and cut track (although you are most welcome).

Occasionally you will receive an email update of work that has taken place or you'll be asked to vote on which area we'll work on next, but that's about it.

Well, that's apart from getting out and enjoying the trails.

Slashing grass and trimming branches out at Morwa

How do you get involved?

Very simply, click the link below, register and buy a Long Sleeve Cycling shirt or a Buff and the proceeds will go to working on the trails.


Check out the Honours Board of past Contributors

Without the regular contributors, SingleBackers would have faded away years ago. A huge 'Thank you!' to the people that have contributed to our cause over the years.


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